1.WORLD REVIVAL MINISTRIES, TANZANIA was founded in 2002 by the one of the Founder Members of this Ministry/Organization for preaching and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in Tanzania, as well as Promoting and developing this Vision under God 's directions as per our Constitution.

MARK 16:15-20, JOHN 17:1-26, ISAIAH 1:15-20, JAMES:1:25-27, ISAIAH 58:5-9 shall be a key word of our Ministry where by many local churches shall be planted by our Ministry which shall be called WORLD REVIVAL CHURCH and any local church of World Revival Church in Tanzania shall be Independent as per our Constitution, This Church shall be linked/connected to where by Pastor Steve Gray shall be a Founder in the World including TANZANIA.

2.WORLD REVIVAL MINISTRIES, TANZANIA shall also act as a means to provide FELLOWSHIP and SUPPORT to all various unaffiliated Independent Ministries from different local areas in Districts in Tanzania to promote forward progress in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to every one we come into contact with and supporting vulnerable groups in Tanzania as well as assisting local areas to eradicate POVERTY in the Communities in Tanzania where our Members are. Each Affiliated Independent Ministry to World Revival Ministries,Tanzania retains its financial and organizational autonomy and is considered to be Independent , self supported Ministry. Each affiliate finances its own Ministry from its own incomes, secular jobs and with WORLD REVIVAL MINISTRIES, TANZANIA assistance, through Independent Donations and Grants from Organizations, Individuals and any which have donated their resources for use in Identified PROJECTS in various Ministries and Communities where our Members are within Tanzania.

3.WORLD REVIVAL MINISTRIES,TANZANIA shall be promoting poverty Reduction by helping suffering groups such as ORPHANS,WIDOWS and other SUFFERING GROUPS in our Local Communities in Districts in Tanzania.


What we do: We distribute Bible and Bible Study courses, We help to plant and build churches and faith based schools in the hills, valleys, cities, and jungles and also Supporting funds for SEMINARS, CRUSADES, CONFERENCES in Tanzania where our dreams can develop intoaction through the efforts of all Members of WORLD REVIVAL MINISTRIES, TANZANIA and also to minister to the food, shelter, clothing and educational needs of hurting , dying and misfortunate who are affected by HIV/AIDS, Famine, lack of education, clothing  and housing , natural disaster  and other life disabling issues throughout our Communities and also supporting different trainings to make people self -reliant to eradicate POVERTY  in the Communities.



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